Week of French schools abroad: 2022 edition

From 28 November to 3 December, the 6th edition of the Week of French schools abroad (Semaine des lycées français du monde) – a common event for all French schools abroad – took place. This year’s theme is “Being informed in a connected world to educateinformed citizens”.

Here are the educational projects carried out in our school.


During the week of the French schools of the world some students (Smiltė, Sophie, Melissa, Elzė, Markas, Rojus, Elzbieta, Juan and Kotryna) from the sixth grade, made a radio documentary. In this documentary, they interviewed three people at LIFV : a Terminale student Patricija Vilytė, a Lithuanian language teacher Sigita Orlovienė, and the headmaster Lilian Filipozzi.

The students made this documentary to present the life of the French International Lyceum of Vilnius to students from French schools around the world.


Students in Year 9 (3ème B) completed various online activities to learn how to spot fake news.

Then they made posters to illustrate the main tips.

You can see them in the school hall.


The 11th grade (Première) students worked on the phenomenon of information bubbles, filter bubbles, and their dangers.


The students of Seconde A participated in the cartography competition “Concours Carto”, in the category “Actualité”.

They had to design a map to illustrate an article in Le Monde about Socotra, an island in Yemen in the middle of a civil war.


As part of the week of the French high schools of the world, the theme of which is “getting informed in a connected world”, the students of the second year of secondary school A worked on the traces that we leave when we surf the Internet.

Pirmasis laikraščio puslapis

Aštuntokai (4ème) sukūrė laikraščio pirmąjį puslapį. Jie galėjo pasirinkti redakcijos stilių: naujienų, gyvenimo būdo, mokyklos laikraštis ir t. t.

Mokiniams tai buvo proga pamąstyti apie tai, kaip šiandien jie pasirenka gauti informaciją: kodėl jie seka naujienas “Instagram”, “Snapchat”, “BeReal”, o ne spaudoje ar televizijoje?


What does it feel like to hold a planet in the palm of your hand? Students in Year 8 explored the planets of the solar system using a mobile application. After making a specific cube and scanning it with their mobile phones, the students were able to explore a 3D model of the solar system and interact with these models to access information and observe them from all angles and in great detail.