Parents association

Parents – founders of the school

Every parent who chooses LIFV becomes a valued member of the Association of Parents. This membership allows direct participation in the management of the school, contributing to the vibrant community and continued success of our institution. Oversight of budgetary and strategic aspects is entrusted to the Management Committee, comprising elected parent-volunteers who actively contribute to shaping the path of our school.

General Assembly of Parents

Once a year, members of the Association of Parents are invited to gather in the General Assembly. This annual event serves as a platform for all members of the parents’ association to come together, discuss important matters, and actively participate in the election of representatives to the Management Committee. This democratic process ensures that the views and perspectives of our parent community play a crucial role in the decision-making processes of the school.

Events and Engagement

Parents are encouraged to be active participants in organizing various events for the children, including Kaziuko Muge, Christmas celebrations, the International Christmas Charity Bazaar, the end-of-the-year festival, and various events for parents. To get involved, please contact the Committee of Active Parents via

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