In the French education system, mathematics is not limited to calculation; from primary to high school, mathematics evaluates 6 competencies:

Competencies: searching, modeling, representing, reasoning, calculating, communicating.

In primary and middle school: competencies are evaluated one by one.

In high school, competencies are uncoupled; they are mixed.

In the French education system: not only do we expect students to find the result, but we also want the student to develop:

  • Abilities to develop reasoning
    To search, to model (transform a problem into an equation)
  • To communicate results,
  • French is therefore essential for the quality of writing.

A significant emphasis on mathematics and sciences.

The French education system places significant emphasis on mathematics and sciences:

  • In primary school: 5 hours of mathematics + 2 hours of science and technology.
  • In middle school: 4 hours of mathematics + 4 hours and 30 minutes of science (technology + physics chemistry + life sciences).
  • In high school in 10th grade: 4 hours of mathematics + 3 hours of physics chemistry + 1 hour and 30 minutes of life sciences + 1 hour and 30 minutes of engineering sciences (10 hours of sciences).
  • In 11th grade: up to 14 hours of sciences and mathematics.
  • In 12th grade: up to 17 hours of sciences and mathematics.

Scientific projects at LIFV

  • 1 hour of weekly science projects with CM1 students and secondary school teachers: learning the scientific approach.
  • Additional 1 hour of mathematics in the timetable in English in 7th and 8th grades.
  • 4 hours of science in 6th grade instead of 3 hours to work on sustainable development projects.
  • Introduction of advanced mathematics in the 12th grade to guide students towards scientific preparatory classes.
    Mathematics competitions at all levels.
  • Outdoor classroom outings in nursery school, high school, and in 6th grade.
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