Our strategy

Our vision

Educating our students by enabling them to optimize their potential and fostering a passion for learning and academic as well as personal challenges. The Lyceum encourages the practice of curiosity, critical thinking, well-being, and integrity so that our students become active citizens of the world

Our values

The Lyceum promotes the values of diversity, tolerance, humanity, creativity, respect, and secularism

Our strategy

Axe 1: Developing the Identity of LIFV

  • Fostering a Positive Environment at the Lyceum and Learning to Live Together
  • Embracing Multilingualism
  • Anchoring the Institution in the Local Territory and the AEFE Network

Axe 2: Strengthening Human Resources to Empower Staff

  • Increasing Human Resources through a New Student Enrollment Strategy across 2 Sites
  • Implementing a Communication Plan to Boost Enrollment
  • Valuing Staff Members

Axe 3: Real Estate Reflection:

  • The Silo Campus: Maintaining and Modernizing the Site
  • The Subacius Site: A Transitional Space
  • LIFV Beyond 2026

LIFV Strategic plan

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