1st September: Back to School Day
International Christmas Charity Bazaar

LIFV proudly participates in this event alongside the international community of Vilnius. With the help of parent volunteers, we create and sell goods, with all proceeds going to charity.

Christmas Celebration

Nursery and Elementary school classes prepare heartwarming shows to celebrate the joy of the season.

Galette des Rois

It is a beloved French tradition celebrated during Epiphany on January 6th. It features a delectable pastry filled with sweet almond cream, often hiding a small charm inside. The person who finds the charm becomes the king or queen for the day. At LIFV, we share this tradition with parents at the Nursery School, fostering community and celebration.

Kaziukas Fair

Kaziukas Fair In March, we uphold Vilnius tradition by hosting the Kaziukas Fair. Parents and children work together at our stand, selling goods to raise funds for pedagogical projects within the class.

Art Exhibition
Every year, our high school students specializing in Plastic Arts showcase their creations at the gallery of the French Institute, inviting the public to explore their talents and visions.
LIFV Cross: A Schoolwide Spring Run
LIFV Cross is a schoolwide running event held in the spring. Participants gather at Vingis Park for an invigorating run. Open to grades 2-12, it’s a spirited occasion promoting fitness and community engagement.
Vilnius City Run for the Little Ones
Traditionally, we invite our Nursery and Elementary school pupils to join the Vilnius City Run in May. Clad in their LIFV t-shirts, they embark on a memorable journey through the historic streets of the Old Town.
End of the School Year Festivities
At LIFV, we bid farewell to the school year with a vibrant kermesse for Nursery and Elementary School students, brimming with sports activities and games among friends. The culminating End of the School Year Celebration is a joyous affair where children showcase their talents through song, while 12th graders are honored with diplomas. The spirit of guinguette fills the air as parents are invited to join in the celebration, marking the conclusion of another memorable academic journey.
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