Post-baccalaureate guidance

French Baccalaureat diploma

The French baccalauréat is recognized worldwide.

  • The baccalauréat is recognized in all European countries including the United Kingdom.
  • It is also recognized in countries like Canada for studying at McGill University in Montreal.
  • For the USA, the baccalauréat is not the only diploma recognized; certain certifications are also accepted.
  • High schools prepare students for these certifications to access American universities.
  • Applying to universities in the USA or in England should be anticipated during the 11th-grade year.
  • To access post-baccalaureate studies in France: there is a single platform that includes 17,000 courses, PARCOURSUP.

What do our students do?

  • 80% of our students pursue their studies in France.
  • 50% enroll in undergraduate programs at universities such as Sorbonne, Lille, Bordeaux, Rennes, and Dauphine Paris.
  • 20% of students are admitted to preparatory classes for top-tier schools: economic preparatory classes for competitive exams for business schools like HEC, literary preparatory classes for competitive exams for institutions like École Normale Supérieure, and scientific preparatory classes for competitive exams for engineering schools.
  • 30% attend selective schools: Artistic DN MADE for studies in art schools like ART DECO in Paris, architecture schools in Paris, business or design programs, and engineering schools like INSA Lyon.


To develop our students’ critical thinking and prepare them for post-secondary studies, we have implemented several projects:

  • Establishing a network of alumni for communication and guidance.
  • Exchange project with Bordeaux IV University in law, involving terminal students from Vilnius.
  • Cultural projects aimed at fostering critical thinking, such as 10-hour theater workshops for all classes from 6th to 10th grade.
  • Music discovery project involving meetings with artists.
  • Artistic project including artist meetings, museum visits, city exploration, and travel experiences.
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