Our governance

Direction team​

With an experienced director appointed by the French ministry to oversee our teaching team, we operate as a non-profit organization in Lithuania, channeling all profits towards education. Parents who enroll at LIFV become members of the Parents’ Association, thus directly participating in the school’s management. The Management Committee, composed of elected volunteer parents, oversees budgetary and strategic aspects, thus shaping the trajectory of our school.

Direction team

Lilian Filipozzi
Indra Varnaitė
Administrative and Financial Director
Clémence Baulet
Deputy Principal for Collège and Lycée
Fabienne Collin
Fabienne Colin
Director of the Nursery and Elementary School

Management Committee

LIFV entrusts the management of its budgetary and strategic aspects to the Management Committee, an essential governing body that plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of our institution. Comprising 9 parents elected during the General Assembly, alongside the cultural counselor of the Embassy and the administrative and financial director, the Management Committee is renewed annually.

For direct communication, reach out via email: cg@lifv.lt.

Find the minutes of the Management Committee meetings and General Assemblies on EDUKA (Documents / Public Folders / Management Committee Minutes). Access requires logging in with a personal account.

The members of the Management Committee

Isabelle Fogola
Lina Masiulienė
Alexandre Cremers
Kristina Jonkuvienė
Tomas Gecius
Tomas Gečius
Laima Valančiūtė
Dagne Bitiene
Dagnė Bitienė
Saulius Zybartas

The Statutes of the Parents’ association

The School Board (Conseil d'Établissement)

All pedagogical questions regarding the secondary level are addressed during this council, which meets 3 to 4 times per year

The Primary School Board (Conseil d’École)

All pedagogical matters concerning the Nursery and Elementary School are addressed during this council, which meets 3 to 4 times per year.

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