Why choose LIFV?

French Language Immersion

LIFV is the sole international school in Vilnius where education is conducted entirely in French, the language of diplomacy spoken across five continents. From Nursery to High school, students benefit from the richness of the French curriculum, emphasizing linguistic diversity and cultural appreciation.

Guaranteed Quality Education

With over 30 years of experience, LIFV is the largest and most established international school in Vilnius. We offer the complete French educational curriculum, including preschool, primary, middle, and high school levels. Our affiliation with AEFE, a global network of 550 institutions in 150 countries, ensures the highest standards of French education worldwide.

Professional and Multilingual Environment

Our dedicated team of teachers, many of whom are native French speakers, ensures a high-quality education. We prioritize multilingualism, with students graduating proficient in up to five languages and earning prestigious language certificates. English instruction begins at age five, supplemented by German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Lithuanian language studies.

Preparation for Higher Education

Graduates of LIFV are well-prepared for academic success. They sit for the final Baccalauréat exams, a globally recognized diploma that opens doors to prestigious universities in France and abroad. Additionally, students receive guidance for Lithuanian Maturity exams and have the option to pursue higher education in Lithuania.

Supportive and Inclusive Community

LIFV fosters a caring and inclusive environment for students and families. We offer transition classes and personalized programs for students with varying levels of French proficiency. Personalized assistance is available for students facing learning difficulties, health issues, or special needs. After-school supervision and a wide range of extracurricular activities ensure holistic development, while career guidance services provide individualized support for future aspirations.
Our student Herkus: "LIFV is more than a school"
Our parents: "A new generation is growing up - the children of the world."
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