Our campuses

Subačiaus str. 7 Campus

Discover the heart of Vilnius at our Subačiaus str. 7 campus, located in the UNESCO heritage-listed Old Town. With inner courtyards designed for student relaxation, this campus is in proximity to museums and cultural attractions. The echoing bells of the old town create an inspiring atmosphere for academic pursuits.

At Subačiaus, students take the lead at our on-campus café, adding a vibrant touch to our community. In the inner yard, two friendly chickens happily reside, becoming an integral part of our unique campus experience.

Šilo str. 13 Campus

Nursery School and 1st Grade (CP)

Situated in the peaceful Antakalnis district, our Šilo str. 13 campus is conveniently located just 3.5 km from the city center. Surrounded by a beautiful forest with hills, students enjoy easy access to nature, providing a serene backdrop for learning.

Did you know? In Šilo, our adorable rabbit Etoile (“Star” in French) is a beloved resident, bringing joy to our classrooms. Additionally, our pupils cultivate a small garden, fostering a hands-on connection with nature.

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