The Agency of French Education Abroad

A school integrated into the AEFE network

The Agency for French Education Abroad comprises 550 institutions worldwide. The AEFE, in partnership with the French Ministry of National Education:
  • Homologates the institution, providing an attestation that it enables students to follow a French curriculum, in accordance with the values and requirements of the French educational system.
  • Provides access to personnel holding French National Education qualifications.
  • Finances pedagogical projects.
  • Supports infrastructure projects.
  • Trains and inspects local and detached teachers.
The AEFE contributes to integrating LIFV into a network through:
  • Student exchanges in the second year: ADN.
  • Cultural and sports projects: JIJin the 10th grade, eloquence projects in Geneva, and sports projects.

Central and Eastern Europe Zone (ZECO)

Within AEFE , LIFV is part of the Central and Eastern Europe zone, known as ZECO. This region encompasses remarkable diversity and is characterized by its linguistic, cultural, and historical richness. Within ZECO, you will find:
  • 14 countries, including 8 within the European Union.
  • 36 educational institutions, comprising 13 directly managed, 15 conventioned, and 8 partner schools.
  • Over 16,400 students, representing a multitude of nationalities and backgrounds.
  • 15 national languages, reflecting the unique cultural richness of the region.
  • A strong historical and cultural heritage that adds depth to the educational experience.

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