The winners of the contest “No to harassment”

The results of the contest # NonAuHarcalement 2020/2021 organized in #LIFV for its pupils have been published.

The headmaster of LIFV, Florence Llopis, wishes to thank and congratulate all the pupils for their participation in the competition and their involvement during the educational sessions: “Bravo to our brilliant students who participated, at their level, in advancing the debate on the important subject that harassment is. Your commitment is essential in building the world of tomorrow ”.

For those responsible for this project, Lucie, a school nurse, and Marie, a plastic arts teacher, it was a great joy to see how the pupils brought this project to life, despite the distance and the pandemics. A big thank you to them!

The second part of the competition is currently underway, since the LIFV and its team of winners are embarking on the national competition in France and attempting to win € 2,000 to go even further in the fun and creative actions against harassment. The winners from middle school and high school met this Wednesday to discuss with each other, find a title for the project and suggest ideas for actions to be implemented soon.

Discover the works of the winners

The winners of the first edition of the competition #NonAuHarcelement 2020/2021 of LIFV are:


  • 1er prix : Sofya T.
  • 2ème prix : Ieva B., Aleksandra V.
  • 3ème prix : Sergen T., Maksimas J.


  • 1er prix : Ieva S.
  • 2ème prix : Ema A., Aleksandra K.
  • 3ème prix : Sacha M.


  • 1er prix : « Ex Aequo » Filomena K. et Agneta A./ Lukas B.
  • 2ème prix : Loyse L. / Anna L. / Robin H.
  • 3ème prix : Rojus G./ Teodora M. / Laura A. / Laurine A.

Suite au prochain épisode, et à l’année prochaine pour l’édition N°2 du Concours au LIFV !