The schedules for collège-lycée from September 1, 2021

From September 1, 2021, college-lycée classes will start at 8:00 a.m. Elementary school timetable does not change.

This decision was taken after discussions and meetings, by the School Board, made up of representatives of all members of the educational community: students, parents, administrative and educational team (10 members voted “for”, 2 abstained, 1 voted “against”). The Pedagogical council, which brings together all the teachers of collège-lycée, also gave its agreement. Parents of pupils of collège were able to express their opinions through surveys organized on Eduka. 50% of families voted for this change.

Here are the arguments for it:

  • The start of lessons at 8:00 am is usual in middle and high schools of the French school system. Indeed, depending on their program, students have between 27h and 36h of lessons per week. It is therefore necessary that they start early to finish as soon as possible, given the number of hours of class. Therefore the 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. schedules, based on those of primary school, are no longer suitable for our college/lycée which has developed and become more professional in recent years.
  • The workload at LIFV is relatively higher than in other schools in Vilnius, students spend more time in school, so it makes no sense to start them later than other schools in the city.
  • Currently, lycée students finish classes very late – at 5:15 pm, which penalizes them for evening homework, a significant workload that they must do until late in the evening. The change in schedule should make it possible to finish the lessons at 4.30-45 p.m., a significant saving of time for a more serene break after the lessons.
  • Currently, the end of college students’ classes is at 4.30 p.m., which prevents them from having access to some extra-curricular activities. This change will allow them to continue to practice them.
  • From the start of the school year, the Subačiaus building will accommodate more than 400 students (20 classes, from CE1 to Terminale). To better manage the flow of students, to ensure their safety when entering and leaving, and to avoid traffic jams in the narrow street of Subačiaus, the start of primary school lessons must be postponed to that of college-lycée.

The arguments against this change were also considered. We understand that this may bring you inconvenience, but we are sure that this change is necessary to improve the organization of teaching and for the well-being of all students at LIFV.