Support for Ukrainian children

Dear parents,

The number of people fleeing the war is growing every day in Lithuania. During this particularly difficult time for the people of Ukraine, the International French Lyceum community is doing its best to support and help them. This week the first pupils from Ukraine are joining LIFV. We wish them good luck and an easy start.

In order to help the concerned families, the Governing Board has decided to admit up to 10 additional children from Ukraine to the pre-primary school-kindergarten this school year on an exceptional basis. The children will join the existing classes. The financial situation of the families will be evaluated on an individual basis, but, if necessary, some or all of the costs will be covered by LIFV’s budget, and we are asking for the help of all members of the community who can support this initiative. Only together we are strong.

How can you contribute?

1. Make a donation of your choice to the LIFV’s Ukrainian Children’s Aid Fund to partially fund the education of the visiting children in our school this school year. Depending on the circumstances and the amount of funds raised from the community, we will consider covering part of the fee in the next school year too.

Vilniaus tarptautinis prancūzų licėjus VŠĮ
LT90 7044 0600 0044 8849 (AB SEB)
LT74 7300 0101 0323 8637 (AB Swedbank)
In the payment reference please indicate UKRAINE FUND.

You can also support the initiative of Ukrainian children’s education at the Lyceum tomorrow during the Kaziukas Fair by leaving a donation in the designated urn. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow in the courtyard of Subačiaus from 2 p.m. to 4 p. m.

2. Join the Mentor Program. We hope to find a mentor for each family coming to LIFV from Ukraine. If you speak Ukrainian or Russian and can dedicate your time to help with the formalities of enrolment and the integration of children from Ukraine into the school community, please contact the school administration:

3. We are also currently considering the creation of an additional class to accommodate more children from Ukraine in the school building on Šilo street. We are looking for solutions together with the responsible authorities and looking for additional sources of funding.  Please contribute with your suggestions, thoughts,

Thank you to all those who care and help children who have had to flee the war.