Re-enrollment for the new school year

Reserve a place in class for your child

Dear parents,

To prepare for the next school year (September 2021), we need to precisely know the number of children per class. We kindly invite you to validate the re-enrollment form on EDUKA.

Please follow these instructions.

You can make changes of your personal data directly in the form (please fill in all the tabs: tuition, student, manager, family, other contacts)

Once this form has been validated (don’t forget to click “send” button), a re-enrollment invoice will be sent to you.

The place will be reserved for your child after the payment of the re-enrollment fees (180 euros: this deposit will be deducted from the tuition fees of September 2021).

As was previously announced, the school fees for next year will change. We invite you to consult all 2021-2022 school year fees on the LIFV website:…

EDUKA re-enrollment and payment deadline: April 15th

Deadline for payment of re-enrollment fees : May 1st

If you already know that your child will change the school, please inform us by e-mail

Thank you in advance.