International Christmas Charity Bazaar

On Saturday 4 December the LIFV community will participate at the International Christmas Charity Bazaar. This year due to Covid regulations the event will take place mostly outside, at the Rotuse square.

It is a traditional charity event that opens the Christmas period in Vilnius.  It is organized by the International women’s association of Vilnius and sponsored by the First Lady of Lithuania Mrs Diana Nausėdienė. All the funds raised are given to the people and organizations in need. You can find more information about the Bazar and the beneficiaries of this year in this presentation.

Traditionally, at the sales stands, held by embassies of foreign countries and international schools, specialties and products from different countries are offered, as well as items created by the volunteers.

We invite all the parents of LIFV students to contribute to this charity event

1. Offer products that we could sell at the stand of LIFV

In previous years, we have sold teddy bears, hand-painted scarves, embroidered gift bags, Christmas decorations, jewelry, food products, games, and many other items. If you would like to bring food, please note that it must be packed and the ingredients list in Lithuanian and English must be presented.
Please bring the goods to the administration of the school. A big thank you for all the parents who have contributed already!

2. Be a volunteer at the stand

The Bazar will be open from 12p.m to 20.00 p.m. on the 4th of December. We also need help of volunteers to prepare the stand before the opening and tidy up after it ends.

Click here to subscribe if you would like to take part at selling products at LIFV stand.

Choose the time that is comfortable for you, write your name, email address and how many people are planning to come.The organizers are inviting to create a magical Christmas fairytale atmosphere, so feel free to come with a costume.

Important: The National certificate is required to participate!

3. Become a sponsor

If you would like to contribute a bigger sum to the charity, you can become a cash sponsor. Foreign and Lithuanian businesses, private individuals and Foundations can become sponsors. Contact us for more information.

4. Buy lottery tickets

On the day of the Bazar there will be a possibility to buy lottery tickets. All the prizes will be listed on ICCB Facebook page.

5. Come to the Bazar and get your Christmas presents here!

Follow ICCB Facebook page, invite your friends and let’s create a Christmas fairytale together.