Information for Maternelle and CP from the 3rd of May

Dear Parents,

Children registered to in-person learning for the period from May 3 to 28, will come back to classes following the same procedures as before, without preventive Covid tests.

The canteen and extracurricular activities are maintained. Registration on EDUKA required.

The only change concerns parents’ access to the building of the school: it is now prohibited for any person who is not employed at LIFV, except with prior authorization from the Director (

Please carefully read the rules applied in order to welcome the students safely. Tell the children that they will be accompanied to their class by animators and not by parents. It may seem unusual in the beginning, but we will do everything to make the children feel safe.

In order to manage student flows, the entry / exit times will be different depending on the class:

Tout Petite Section: entrance 8:45 am to 9:00 am, exit 3:00 pm, central fence gates

Children will be guided directly to their private courtyard where a teacher’s assistant will wait for them. At the end of the day, the pupils returning home are guided by a teacher’s assistant form the private courtyard to the central gate, where their parents wait.

Petite Section/ Moyenne Section: entrance 8:30 am-8:45am, exit 3:10 pm, central fence gates

The pupils are gathered in 3 “zones” in the yard, represented by different colors (PS / MS Eglé: blue, PS / MS Marie: yellow, PS / MS Zita: red). One animator per “zone” waits for the pupils while another animator leads groups of pupils to their classes. Teacher’s assistant waits for them in their classroom as usual.

After classes, returning home pupils are escorted by an animator to the yard, where they wait to be called and picked up by their parents.

Grande Section: entrance 8:15 am-8:30am, exit 3:20 pm, pizzeria fence gates

Animator at the gate directs the students to the entrance on the gymnasium side where another animator guides them. The students go directly to class. Animator at the entrance hall guides them to the central stairs. Teacher’s assistant waits for them in their classroom as usual.

After classes, pupils who return home are accompanied by an animator to the exit on the gymnasium and pizzeria side.

Cours Préparatoire: pizzeria fence gates

Students will be able to enter through the side fence gates. Each child will go independently to his class by the side staircase, courtyard side. Animator will welcome the students in each class until the teachers arrive at 8:25 am.

In the evening, students returning home will be escorted by their teacher to the pizzeria fence gates at 3 p.m.

Extracurricular activities service: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day

Pupils who stay in daycare, stay in the classroom, and are looked after by animators.

For exit between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., you can wait for your child at the central gate. There will be an animator with a walkie-talkie who will call the relevant class so that the child can go to the fence gates alone (from GS) or accompanied (from TPS to MS).

Wearing a mask is recommended but not compulsory for children. All adults are required to wear one.

Thank you for your collaboration to help us welcome your children in the best conditions.

We look forward to seeing you again,

The LIFV team