Elections of the parents’ representatives

For this new school year, parents of students from TPS to Terminale are invited to elect their representatives for the Primary School Board (kindergarten and primary) – Conseil d’Ecole – and the School Board (conseil d’établissement) of the French International Lyceum Vilnius.

1. What will be the role of the elected parents?

  • In the Primary School Board (for nursery and primary school):
    It meets at least once a trimester. The school council votes on the school’s internal rules and adopts the school project. It establishes the project of pedagogical organization of the school week. It gives its opinion and makes suggestions on the functioning of the school and on all questions concerning the life of the school, on extracurricular activities, school catering, school hygiene and the safety of the children.
  • In the School Board :
    The School Board meets in ordinary session at the initiative of the Headmaster at least three times a year to adopt or issue an opinion on the school project, on the school’s internal rules, on the timetable and the school year calendar, on the annual career education plan, on the continuous learning plan for the staff in all its components, on the annual action programme against all forms of violence, discrimination and harassment etc.

2. How are the elections organized?  

  • When do the elections take place?
    The elections will take place on 11 October 2022 at the Silo and Subacius sites from 8am to 5pm.
  • Who can vote?
    Both parents of each student are eligible to vote, whether they are married or not, separated or divorced. School staff are also eligible to vote if they are parents of pupils attending the school where they work. Please note: each voter has only one vote regardless of the number of children enrolled in the same school.
  • What is the voting system?
    It is a proportional list system. Each list must include at least two candidates’ names and, at most, twice the number of seats to be filled.

3. Who can be a candidate in the elections and how to do it?

Who can become a candidate?

  • At present at LIFV there is an Association of parents of LIFV students (whose Board members are elected). This association can present a list for the elections on 11 October 2022.
  • If parents wish to create a group to present another list than the one of the Association, it is possible.

Please note: this election of parent representatives is not related to the election of the Management Board at the General Assembly to be held this year in early December 2022.

How to present a list? 

  • For the 3rd of October, the Parents’ Association and/or a new group can present a list of 2 to 30 candidates, ranked in a preferential order which will determine the allocation of seats, the names and surnames of the candidates without distinguishing between titulars and substitutes. The lists cannot be complete but must contain at least two names.
  • If you wish to apply for the Parents’ Association list, please write an email to ape@lifv.lt.
  • The list of candidates is given to the headmaster by 3 October in order to edit the ballot papers: proviseur@lifv.lt