Educational Project: Our CM1 Students Support Animals

As part of an educational project, our CM1 students, guided by their teacher Nathalie, have been working on raising awareness about animal protection. This project led them to visit the “Tautmilės Prieglaudėlė” animal shelter, where they brought gifts, toys, and treats for the animals, as well as the funds collected during the Kaziukas fair.

After the visit, the students had two tasks: create posters to encourage animal adoption or to call for donations to support the shelter. These works, made with a lot of heart, showcase the students’ commitment and generosity.

We are proud of their work and involvement. The students’ posters are included in this article to invite everyone to support the shelter.

A big thank you to the “Tautmilės Prieglaudėlė” shelter for their warm welcome and daily efforts.

To support Tautmilės Prieglaudėlė: