The current period is exceptional and requires everyone, children, parents and teachers, to be organized, be adaptive and flexible.

What is the role of the parents?

Teaching is a complex function that requires expertise.

Rest assured: this is not what is asked of you. Your role is to help your children maintain continuity in their learning.

You are all capable of it and we will help you!

How can I accompany my child at home?

➢ Your child’s teacher transmits a daily or weekly schedule; if you don’t speak French, have your child explain it to you;

➢ Your child must be in an environment positive for concentration and attention

➢ Make sure he/she has a regular work rhythm (same schedule every day, same workplace if possible)

➢ If time indications for the activities are provided, take them into account as much as possible

➢ For the youngest pupils, help your child have the necessary material (for example print the worksheets) and stay focused (for example when it is necessary to listen to a recorded story)

➢ Stay in regular contact with the class teacher and keep him/her informed of important changes in the everyday life of your child.

How to manage work, leisure and rest time?

➢ Children will not necessarily be able to do all the work required.

➢ There is no question of making the children work as many hours as on a classic day at school. We will not exceed 4 hours per day in elementary, all activities combined. You can organize work periods of 10 to 30 minutes several times a day, depending on the age of the children.

➢ Beyond this working time, do not hesitate to put away your child’s school things.

➢ It is important to alternate activities regularly, especially the time spent working on screen : with time for reading, physical exercise, napping and other relaxing activities. It is not possible for a child to stay focused for long periods. Rest and sleep period are essential in learning.

Other little tips

➢ Wake your children up at a fixed time every morning if possible! Likewise, it is advisable that they go to bed at a reasonable hour. They are not on vacation!

➢ It is very important that your child, from CP to CM2 (1st to 5th grade), reads every day.

➢ Offer your child  to play, tinker (improvise and discover), draw, build, help you cook…

➢ Take the time to speak with your children to reassure them, to value them, to encourage them.

➢ Consider having family activities, reading aloud in the language spoken at home, games… Social life being limited to long-distance relationships with classmates and teachers, it is fundamental to maintain the precious human bond already present in the family unit.

On behalf of the entire pedagogical and administrative team of the school, I wish you fortitude. We think a lot about our students and wish them to show the same motivation at work as they do in the classroom.

Michel Dartevelle

Primary School Director