Deputy for the French abroad: “The goal is ambitious – to double the number of students”

M. Alexandre Holroyd, Député des Français de l’Etranger, accueilli par l’équipe du LIFV

At the beginning of the school year, Mr Alexandre Holroyd, Deputy for the French abroad, paid a visit to the French International High School of Vilnius. He discovered the two sites of the school, including visiting Claire Bačkis’ CE1 class and the library at Šilo building, as well as computer and science classes at the Antakalnio building. CE1 students have given the Deputy a lot of questions about France, his life and the work of a deputy. Then, in an interview with the head of the communication center, Mr Alexandre Holroyd shared the French State’s ambitions for the future of French schools in the AEFE network abroad.

You can read the full interview in French.

M. Alexandre Holroyd, Député des Français de l’Etranger