Adaptations for Collège/Lycée from 9th November

8th November 2020

Updated information:

Good day,

Due to many families contacting us to explain that it will be difficult to organize the transport for their children on half-days, as well as some of them are in contact with persons “at risk”, we decided to give ourselves one more week to think about the best way to organize the classes for most of the students. We confirm that all the classes will take place 100% online from the 09/11 to 13/11 included as it was the case for this week.

We will come back to you soon to find, together, another way to organize the classes.

Thank you for your attention and comprehension

Vilnius, the 06th of November 2020

Dear parents,

The International French School of Vilnius follows the recommendations of the Lithuanian Health Minister. From the 09th of November 2020 and until further notice, the adaptations already taking place at the school since September 2020 (cf mail from the 27th of August 2020) remain, and new adaptations are added.

However, the priority is still the respect of the barrier gestures and the hygiene of the school, social distance and the management of students flow to avoid as much as possible gathering and contacts between them.

1. The barrier gestures

– Students will have to continue to wash their hands regularly either with soap or hydro alcoholic solution every time they enter or get out of the classroom by using the sinks in the toilets.  

NEW : The wearing of a mask becomes mandatory for all the students age 6 or more.

The students from grade 4 to 12 will have to wear it as soon as they enter the school premises, if not, they will be forbidden to access the school.

Wearing a mask is now compulsory in class as well.

The teachers will be able to remove their mask or face shield to facilitate the talks with the students as soon as a distance of at least 2 meters is respected between them.

NB: Other exception, during the sport class, the students can also remove their mask, only during the physical activity. Social distance will be respected, and contact sports will be forbidden.

Reminder: All the staff of the school will have to wear a mask or a face shield otherwise the access to the school premises will be denied.

2. Social distance

In the Antakalnio site, we keep the same organization than in September: each class has a unique classroom for the day. However, time to time, the students can go in a specific classroom (chemistry, sciences and technology). The classrooms and the specific items used will be cleaned before a new group of students goes in.

3. Management of students flow

As much as possible, groups of different age will not have contact between them : different entrances and exits have been setup and at a different time (cf mail from the 27th of August).


  1. The new measures (from the 6 /11/20 midnight), require, to the choice of the schools, a mixed teaching : distance learning and presential learning, that cannot go over 50% of the regular time table of the students.

In accordance of these new measures, the International French School of Vilnius chose to welcome the students in the school premises per half-days and per age over two weeks :

  • WEEK A :

6èmes/5èmes/4èmes  at the school the morning and in autonomous work in the afternoon (distance learning)

3èmes/2ndes/1ères/Terminale at the school the afternoon and in autonomous work in the morning (distance learning)

  • WEEK B :

6èmes/5èmes/4èmes  at the school in the afternoon and autonomous work in the morning (distance learning)

3èmes/2ndes/1ères/Terminale at the school the morning and autonomous work the afternoon

2. There will be no canteen provided. The breaks will be taken in the class.

3. The timetable of grade 6 to 12 will remain the same that at the beginning of the school year.   

 4. The students of a same age group will use the same areas and stairs:  

 – Grade 8 to 12:  classrooms of 2nd and 3rd floor – East aisle

NB : grades 6 to 12 students use the same classroom but not at the same time : high school students the morning and middle school students the afternoon or the contrary the week after.

The classrooms will be freshened up and fully disinfected at the end of each half-day.

– Grade 6 and 7 : classrooms of 2nd and 1st floor –West aisle

The classes at the school are mandatory. Any absence will have to be justified. Any unjustified absence will result in a sanction.

4. Particular situations

100% distance learning will only be proposed for :

  • Students on a mandatory quarantine 
  • Students considered « risk public » or on a daily basis contact with a « risk public »
  • Students with a long disease ( +3 days)

Reminder : Families must contact the deputy director (Antoine Sochay, to express a mandatory quarantine of their children or an absence due to their proximity with a « risk public ».

Without telling us, the students won’t have access to the full distance learning.

5. Lending of tablets or portable computers

The students who wish to be lent a tablet or a portable computer for homework purposes can contact

6. Distance learning charter

The students must respect the distance learning charter that was notified in March 2020.

The pupils must acknowledge it.

Any action not respecting this charter can lead to a sanction.

Thank you for your trust.