General Assembly on October 17, 6 pm, Subačiaus str.7

Dear parents,

We kindly invite you to the General Assembly of the Parents’ Association, of which all LIFV parents are members. The event will take place on October 17th at 6:00 PM at the LIFV, 7 Subačiaus Street. You can review the provisional agenda by clicking here.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to elect new members to the Management Committee. These new members, in collaboration with the existing members, will be responsible for making crucial financial and strategic decisions for the school. A reception will follow the assembly.

It is important to note that LIFV is a non-profit private institution managed by parents. Administrative and financial management relies on the voluntary participation of parents who are members of the association. Your involvement is essential to support the mission and development of your children’s school. We strongly encourage you to actively participate in the governance of the school.

On October 11th, another election will take place for various school governance bodies, including the Primary School Council and the Lyceum Council. Three to four parents elected to these councils will focus on addressing social and educational issues with teachers.

Election of CG Members

Although four positions were up for election this year, only three applications were received.
You can find the candidates’ presentations here:

Alexandre Cremers

Tomas Gečius

Laima Valančiūtė

Voting Process

1. Quorum 
A quorum of 30% of represented students must be reached to validate the General Assembly. We encourage your participation!

2. Voting 
Voting will be open on the day of the General Assembly at 6:00 PM. It will be conducted online. You have one vote per student (if you have 2 children in the school, you will have 2 votes).

If the quorum is not reached, the online voting period will be extended until October 19th.

We rely on your active participation and commitment to ensure a promising future for our school!

Isabelle Fogola, Chair of the Management Committee

As a committed member of the Management Committee for several years, and currently its Chair, I warmly invite you to join the Board of our Parents’ Association. Your involvement is crucial to the success of our school, to the development of our children and to building a strong educational future in collaboration with the school staff.

As an active member, you will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the improvement of our school, just as we, the current members of the CG, do. Together, we can create an enjoyable learning environment for our children. What’s more, you’ll be able to help create a warm and dedicated community, and forge links with other parents.

Every little action counts, and your participation can have a huge impact. Join us in making a difference to the lives of our children and our school.

Lina Masiulienė, Deputy Chair of the Management Committee

I have been actively involved with the Management Committee for two years now. Collaboratively with the school’s leadership, we have achieved significant progress: the school has expanded, some students have transitioned to new facilities on Subačiaus Street, we have renovated the courtyard of the Šilo Street building, and we have reviewed and enhanced the school’s internal processes. I extend my gratitude to all the Committee members who, despite their personal commitments, generously dedicate their time to address the school’s most pressing challenges and provide genuine assistance in financial and strategic matters. I am eagerly anticipating the positive developments on the horizon and am confident that more awaits us in the years ahead.

As we aspire to even greater accomplishments in the future, I would like to extend a warm invitation to all active members of our school community to consider joining the Management Committee. Your experiences, skills, and ideas will be invaluable for the school’s continued growth and development.

We aim to maintain our school as a safe and welcoming environment for our children, where they can achieve high academic standards. Additionally, we seek to create an appealing workplace for our local and international teachers and staff at the Lyceum. I am hopeful that through our diligent efforts and collective collaboration, we will further enhance the quality of education and the overall working environment for everyone involved.

The Management Board is composed of 9 members in total. More information here.