General Assembly of the Association of Parents of the French Lyceum of Vilnius

Dear parents,

We are kindly inviting you to the General Assembly of the Association of Parents of the French Lyceum of Vilnius as a member. The General Assembly will take place

on Tuesday, the 27th of October 2018 at 18h00 

(Vilnius International French Lyceum, Antakalnio str. 54, the great hall of Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegija)

The LIFV is a non-profit institution run by the parents. All parents are invited to participate in the management of the school. The participation of each parent is very important because together we create the future of our children!

The General Assembly is a very important event. This is when the functionning of the school is presented, as well as the budget for the coming year. Also, the members of the Management Committee are elected.

After the General Assembly all the parents will be invited to the cocktail to share a moment of socialization.

Please find attached the Agenda of the GA (No. 1 Ordre du jour de l’AG).

This year the GA will elect 3 members of the Board of Management for 3 years.

If you would like to present your candidature, please fill the document attached (No. 2 Déclaration candidature) and give it to the administration before the 13th of November.

The Election campaign will begin on the 14th of November. We will send you additional information about its organisation, as well as the information about the Powers of Attorney of the parents who will not be able to participate at the event.

30 % of parents must participate or be represented in the AG in order to make it valid.

For your convenience, the special child caregroup for your children will be organised from 18.00 to 21.00 (In Silo bulding).