What universities have our graduates chosen?

Our graduates are heading to renowned universities across France.

They have chosen prestigious institutions located throughout France (and beyond), providing them with an opportunity to enjoy a rewarding academic experience. Here are the universities and Grandes écoles that will welcome our talented students:

Nice: Bachelor of Psychology, Université Côte d’Azur Nice

Lyon: National Diploma in Arts and Design Materials, Lycée La Martinière;

Bordeaux: Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Sciences, Bordeaux University

Rennes: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Université de Rennes; Preparatory Class for Grandes Écoles in Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences, Lycée Chateaubriand

Aix-en-Provence: Bachelor’s Degree in Language Sciences and Literature, Université d’Aix-Marseille

Paris: BTS in Sales Management, IPAG Business School; School of Architecture, ENSA Paris Belleville; Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Mediation, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

Cannes: Preparatory Class for Grandes Écoles in Letters and Social Sciences, Lycée Stanislas Montpellier: Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences, Université de Montpellier; Bachelor’s Degree in History, Université de Montpellier

Nancy: Preparatory Class for Higher Art Schools, Lycée Frédéric Chopin; Engineering training, Polytech Nancy

Toulouse: Preparatory Class for Grandes Écoles, specializing in École Normale Supérieure Rennes D1, Lycée Ozenne

Chambéry: Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative and Commercial Management of Organizations, IUT Chambéry – Le Bourget du Lac

Lille: Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages in International Relations (English/German), Institut catholique de Lille

Netherlands: Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, University of Groningen

And even our lovely Vilnius: Bachelor’s Degree in International Law, Université Bordeaux – Vilnius

For the first time, four of our students have chosen exceptional programs, particularly by opting for preparatory classes for Grandes écoles (CPGE).

Grandes écoles are prestigious and highly selective French higher education institutions. They offer specialized training programs in various fields such as engineering, science, business, management, arts, and more. The Grandes écoles are renowned for their academic excellence and close ties with the professional world. They often provide high-level, hands-on curricula that encourage internships, practical projects, and interaction with the working world. Admission to the grandes écoles is typically based on competitive examinations following the completion of CPGE.

These esteemed institutions represent a diverse range of academic options in different fields, allowing our students to pursue their passions. Congratulations to all our graduates for their exceptional choices!