Autumn Holiday Leisure Center

Dear parents,

We are delighted to invite you to enroll your children in the Holiday Leisure Center that will take place during the autumn holidays, from October 23rd to November 3th, at the Šilo 13 campus.

At the Holiday Leisure Center, we have prepared an exciting and educational program that will allow your children to have fun, learn, and create. Our main theme is the discovery of nature and creativity, with a touch of ecology and sharing.

Here is an overview of the themes we will explore each day:

  • Everyday Ecology: Raising awareness about the environment and eco-friendly practices.
  • Discovery of Fauna and Flora in the Forest: An outdoor adventure to explore the surrounding nature.
  • The Animal World: Learning about different animal species through fun activities.
  • Art at LIFV: Art activities to express your children’s creativity.
  • Sharing: Encouraging a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.
  • Meeting with Theater: Introduction to the world of theater and performance.
  • Halloween: A special day full of mystery and creativity.
  • Sports Day: Games and physical activities to stay active and healthy.

Additionally, here is a preview of some exciting activities that will take place during the Holiday Leisure Center:

  • Recycling Puzzle: Highlighting the importance of recycling through games.
  • Forest Excursion: A day of nature exploration.
  • Zoo Park: Discovering animals at the local zoo.
  • Hand Art: Art activities to stimulate creativity.
  • Clown Portrait: Creating fun portraits.
  • Making Lemonade: Learning about cooking while having fun.
  • Watching the Short Film “Funny Birds on a High Voltage Line”: Exploring the world of filmmaking.
  • Storyteller Jonas Basanavicus: Exciting and captivating stories.
  • Creating a Collective Work with Recycled Objects: Encouraging creativity while recycling.
  • LEGO Workshop and Art with Recycling: Stimulating imagination through construction and art.
  • Animals on Earth: Learning about biodiversity.
  • Leaf Garland and Theatrical Reading: Creative and literary activities.
  • Cinema Session at the French Institute: Screening age-appropriate films for children.
  • Crafts and Puppet Making: Fun hands-on activities.
  • Preparing a Fruit Salad: Healthy culinary learning.
  • Walk near Silo Tiltas: Discovering the beauty of our environment.
  • Visit to the Zoological Museum: An exciting educational day.

We look forward to sharing these moments of learning, discovery, and fun with your children. The CDL is open to students in kindergarten and primary school.

You will find a daily schedule for your child’s age group in EDUKA (Holiday Leisure Center → Catalog). 

Price per day (meal not included): 20-25 EUR (depending on the daily program)

Registration open until 15 October. Click here to register via EDUKA

Instructions for Registration

Important Rules:

  • Registration on EDUKA is mandatory to participate (Recreation Center Portal tab). Unregistered children cannot be accommodated.
  • Registration for the CDL is a commitment. After registration, in case of your child’s absence, no refunds will be issued.
  • The number of places is limited. After the registration deadline, you can only enroll your children if there are available spots. Contact the extracurricular service via email:
  • Students are welcome until 9 AM. Pick-up time is from 4 PM.
  • On EDUKA, registration for the CDL and meal orders are done separately. After registering your child, don’t forget to order meals for the selected days via the “Canteen Portal” module.

For more information, please contact us at  or by phone at +37069247684.

We look forward to sharing these magical moments with your children!