For non-French speakers

Children Aged 1.5-5 Years Old (Maternelle Nursery School)

LIFV warmly welcomes children aged 1.5 to 5 years old, regardless of nationality or language, to our French maternelle nursery school. Immersed in a French-speaking environment, children effortlessly acquire language skills through play and communication. Our immersion method allows children to naturally develop language proficiency without stress. Each classroom features a French-speaking teacher and a Lithuanian assistant, ensuring comfort and support for all students. As children quickly grasp French, the need for translation decreases, fostering linguistic independence.

6 Years Old (Elementary School Year 1)

For non-French speaking children entering LIFV at age 6, we offer a special class tailored to their needs. In this crucial year, the entire class consists of non-French speakers, providing a focused environment for learning French language fundamentals such as reading and writing. Led by experienced teachers, students transition to Grade 2 with confidence and proficiency in French.

7-16 Years Old (Year 2-9)

At LIFV, students aged 7 to 16 receive dedicated support and participate in a specific program designed to facilitate French language acquisition and integration into the French curriculum. While students join regular classes appropriate for their age, they also benefit from French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes to enhance their French proficiency. Prior to admission, students undergo examinations and motivational interviews to ensure readiness for their academic journey at LIFV.

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