Social-Educational Club (FSE)

The Foyer Socio-Éducatif (FSE) is a non-profit organization. It contributes to the development of Collective Life at the College by financing various actions.

Your participation, 20 euros, allows the LIFV FSE to operate and offer a choice of activities to your child.

The club procides the extracurricular activities offered to students (workshops, clubs, games, music), as well as educational and cultural activities (cinema, concerts, theater, competitions … etc. – the FSE covers some of the costs. It also finances the purchase of equipment improving the environment of the students of the College.
The FSE only contributes to the funding of travel and outings for its members.

The FSE is part of LIFV life. It is run by students (from 6ème to Terminale) and adult volunteers.

It operates on own resources, which come from both student fees and LIFV support.

Two years ago, the FSE fully funded the end-of-the-year ball for all high school students.

In conclusion: all students benefit from the FSE! So do not hesitate to support it: by adhering of course, but also by thinking about projects, actions, participating in the life of high school …!

Why is it important to join the Home?

The more students who join the FSE, the larger sum of money the Club will have to finance its actions, which all students benefit from.
Thus joining the home is a citizen act and plays a role in learning about the life in society. With less memberships, there are fewer projects for students!

Ideas? Want to express your opinion or contact us? Live in the heart of the projects! Join us and become a member of the F.S.E.

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