LIFV brand products

We present you the  sweaters of the LIFV brand! The sizes are suitable for all members of the LIFV community – from the little ones to adults. Choose your sweater of red or dark blue colour,  with our logo embroidered in white.

You can see the sweater at the entrance of Šilo str. building. They are also exposed in the hallway of the Antakalnis building, next to the student’s Foyer (2nd floor).

To order click here:

Red sweater

Girls: https://8togo.lt/merginoms/dzemperiai/lifv-dzemperis-2

Boys: https://8togo.lt/vaikinams/dzemperiai-2/lifv-dzemperis-4

Blue sweater

Girls: https://8togo.lt/merginoms/dzemperiai/lifv-dzemperis

Boys: https://8togo.lt/vaikinams/dzemperiai-2/lifv-dzemperis-3

Your sweater will be produced after your order and delivered to your desired address. Production and delivery can last 3-6 weeks.