Specificity of the French preschool

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The French International Lyceum of Vilnius welcomes children from 2 years old in “Toute petite section de maternelle” (the smallest section of preschool). There are five preschool classes (TPS and PS, MS, PS MS and two GS).

  • TPS and PS: Toute petite section (Smallest section, 2-3 years old) and Petite section (Small section, 3-4 years)
  • MS: Moyenne section (Medium section, 4-5 years)
  • GS: Grande section (Big section, 5-6 years)

Our school offers an education that is absolutely the same to the one offered in a school in France. Our programme and methods of organising schooling follow the requirements of the French Ministry of Education.

The programme is taught in French, but we attach great importance to our pupils’ plurilingual skills. That is why they study Lithuanian language from the small section of preschool (PS), and English from the big section (GS).

Preschool prepares in learning the basic skills of literacy (reading, writing) and numeracy. Its main objectives are socialisation, the implementation of language, number and graphic gesture, the development of pupils’ sensitivity and personality.

Methods include handling, discovering and experimenting in various areas –  artistic, cultural, physical and scientific.

The French preschool:

There are five main learning areas in preschool:

  • Mobilising language in all its dimensions;
  • Acting, expressing oneself and understanding through physical activity;
  • Acting, expressing oneself and understand through artistic activities;
  • Building the first tools to structure one’s thinking;
  • Exploring the world.

Learning by playing:

Playing nurtures all areas of learning. It promotes autonomy and acting on reality, the creation of fictions and the development of imagination. While playing, children practice traction, experience rules and social roles.

Children are admitted to school from 2 years old in four sections with specific pedagogical and educational objectives. We are aiming for children’s motor and sensorial development, the learning of autonomy and socialisation. Practices are based on games and activities to increase motor skills, manual, artistic and linguistic activities, in French and in Lithuanian.

Our school has classrooms, an equipped room for developing gross motor skills, and playgrounds. Preschool teacher’s aides assist the team of teachers.


Preschool official programmes:

The following texts define the school programmes:



Cycle 1   Early learning

TPS               Toute Petite Section (Smallest section)           2 years old

PS                 Petite            Section (Small section)                 3 years old

MS                Moyenne      Section (Medium section)             4 years old

GS                 Grande         Section (Big section)                     5 years old