Our difference

A school where we want to go back again

  • A friendly environment for children and families,
  • Individual help and attention given to every pupil
  • Supporting children with special needs
  • Offering arts and sports activities
  • The school is located in two buildings, adapted to suit the needs of different age groups
  • A wide selection of extracurricular activities
  • The school is open from 7:30 am until 6 pm
  • A leisure time centre during the holidays

Quality education

  • The largest international school of Vilnius
  • We welcome children from age 2
  • Teachers are approved at every level of instruction provided by the French Ministry for National Education
  • Qualified teachers form an efficient team
  • A modern education (interactive whiteboards, tablets, computer lab, new science laboratory)
  • The Baccalauréat diploma opens doors to prestigious universities around the world

A multilingual and international environment

  • Learning takes place entirely in French – the language of world diplomacy spoken on five continents.
  • The Lyceum is part of the French international schools network AEFE, with 400 schools in 140 countries
  • English is taught on an optional basis from age 3 and is compulsory from age 5.
  • We teach other languages; children can learn German, Spanish, Italian, Russian….
  • The school is made up of pupils of more than 15 different nationalities
  • Pupils learn to become citizens of the world

Immersion into local culture

  • The school welcomes non-French-speaking children from age 2 to 4.
  • A year of primary school specially designed to prepare non-French-speaking children to integrate the following year into the regular programme 
  • Educational programmes are validated by the French and Lithuanian ministries of Education.
  • Lithuanian language is taught according to the same curriculum in Lithuanian schools.