Science club

Here is the science corner. You will find on this page some scientific experiments done by our pupils.

Programming at LIFV: game “Ultimatumas”

Jurgis Clemente, a middle school pupil, is introducing his game “Ultimatumas”.

Click here to play:



Human body’s functions

Our CM1 pupils studied a calf’s heart as part of the science programme (Human body’s functions). This activity was running in 4 workshops.






Clemente measures UV luminosity

Rally maths CM2, 6ème classes – correction

Rallye maths CM2, 6ème classes pass

Demonstration of the Einstein Labmate wireless lab

Presentation of a light motorised vehicle LEGO

Measurement of the resistance of the LEGO vehicle’s shock absorbers

“5ème” class pupils discover electric circuit

and how to schematise it!

Ecosystem J1 1st of December 2014!


Last inventory before achieving the ecosystem


Justas shows us how much his herbaceous specie has grown after a few days in artificial light

Gleb’s onions have grown a lot!

Excursion in the forest with 6ème class on September, our first ecosystem!


Distillation apparatus at the beginning


 And distillation works!


Result: the distillate

Girls explain us why they crush mandarin peels before the distillation


Jurgis built a LEGO distillation apparatus!


Justas and Danielius want to show that an ecosystem needs light

The enclosure of the ecosystem being manufactured


Lukas makes an ecosystem scheme for the science challenge

3D architecture – Solenn’s villa

Here are some screenshots of the work done by Solenn (3ème) in technology. Pupils had to create with Sketchup (a CAD software) a 3D image of a project of villa while considering some specifications: roof 4 slopes with chimney, garage with car, veranda, swimming pool, fenced area. Bravo!





Two ways of growing onions


Ecosystem 1/3

Ecosystem 2/3

Ecosystem 3/3

Seawater CE2


Filtration results

Jurgis’ centrifuge


Centrifugation results