School life

A word from our CPE (Conseiller Principal d’Éducation):

Nathalie Lemoré


Here is how school life works concisely.

The Conseiller Principal d’Éducation (Year Head) exercises his educational responsibilities in organising and coordinating school life. His or her action is based on the knowledge of each pupil’s situation.

He or she works in collaboration with teachers to individually follow through each pupil and helps giving advice to the pupils in their choice of educational and career projects.

The CPE contributes to the School’s principal mission, which is to teach and educate in order to lead all pupils to success at school and to share with them the principles of living in community.

The CPE’s mission can be defined as follows:

Put teenagers in the best conditions of individual and collective life, of success at school and self-fulfilment.

CPE’s main objectives are to help the pupils:

– to appropriate the rules of collective life,

– to get prepared in exercising their citizenship rights,

– to act more autonomously and take initiatives,

– to integrate into social and professional life.

He fully seizes the values ​​of tolerance, solidarity and living in harmony.

He fosters dialogue with families and participates in the relationship between the parents and the school.

School life organisation

The CPE ensures the management of spaces and pupils’ school life time by organising the conditions of reception, the rules of entrance and exit, as well as how to move around within the premises (areas for recess, studying and working).

He plays a role in respecting pupils’ rhythms of life and work by developing and organising schedules, and also by making arrangement when a teacher is absent.

He goes with the pupils when class time is over by making available spaces and resources necessary to learn autonomy.

The quality of school climate.

He works with the School Life staff to provide coaching, safety of the pupils and following through absences and lateness. The School Life staff participates in preventing and fighting all forms of discrimination, disrespect, violence and harassment.

The CPE also plays a role in preventing and managing conflict. He encourages dialogue and meditation from an educational perspective. This contributes to the quality of the school climate which guarantees the best conditions for learning and for the school collective life.

Coordination of the School Life staff

To carry out his or her tasks, the CPE relies on the School Life staff and on the school’s rules (down below). The CPE explains the tasks and gives the schedule of each School Life staff member in order to ensure consistency and effectiveness.