Sponsors and partners


Support of European Union

Modernization of school equipment at the Vilnius French International Lyceum financed by EU funds

Project objective – to improve the quality of activities at the French International Lyceum of Vilnius

Financed by the European Social Fund

I – Tablets

In order to modernise teaching in primary classes, mobile tablet classrooms will be provided for each level and a few tablets will be provided for each class to facilitate differentiation work.

II – Modernisation of the science laboratory

In line with LIFV’s effort to follow AEFE standards with regard to equipment and French curricula, this project will provide the science laboratory with digital measurement tools (Ex.a.o) and tablets.

III – Development of the video workshop

In order to develop the video workshop and to open it up to secondary school students, this project will provide a set of accessories essential to semi-professional cinema

The visual arts classes will also benefit from this opportunity to manipulate the lighting and shooting tools related to the production of audio-visual works.

IV – Web radio

Following the advice of the AEFE inspectors and in order to encourage the oral expression of French by the pupils, this project will allow the creation of a web radio with all the necessary equipment.

V – Listening corners in primary classes and the BCD

In order to develop oral French in the school, listening corners will be set up in the primary classes and in the library so that pupils have access to audio books.

VI – Computers

In order to renew the equipment in the computer room and in the Culture and Knowledge Centre, a batch of computers has been planned with this project.

VII – Robots

In order to train students in computer science and new technologies, sets of programmable robots will be available in the high school and primary school for teachers



The lyceum works in partnership with various institutions and associations.


The French Embassy in Vilnius and our school are closely linked. The Service of Cooperation and Cultural Action of the French Embassy in Vilnius ensures the administrative supervision of the school.

You can find more information on this website: http://www.ambafrance-lt.org/


We have a privileged partnership with the French Institute of Vilnius.

You will find more information on this website: http://www.institutfrancais-lituanie.com/


The social network for French-speaking education professionals

You will find more information on this site: https://www.ifprofs.org/


This is an association that promotes Franco-Lithuanian friendship through cultural events in the country.

You will find more information on this site: http://lietuva-prancuzija.org/