The School Board (Le conseil d’établissement)

The Board deals with:
– The establishment project, based on a proposal from the School Board and the Secondary School Council.
– The internal rules of the institution after consultation with the preparatory bodies (the School Board and the Secondary School Council).
– School schedules and calendar of the school year.
– Proposing a list of positions for expatriate and local staff.

It issues an opinion on:
– Proposals for changing educational structures and composition of classes.
– Educational activities projects.
– The programme of activities of associations and clubs operating within the institution, having regard to temporary permissions for the occupation of the premises.
– Issues relating to the reception of parents and keeping them informed, and the general terms and conditions of their participation in the school life.
– Planning and funding school trips.
– Organisation of school life.
– Hygiene, health and safety issues, as well as work to be done in these fields.
– Welcoming and supporting pupils with disabilities.
– School meals.

The minutes and acts of the CE can be found in French version of this page.