About us

What makes our school different:

Vilnius International French Lyceum (LIFV) is the only international school in the capital of Lithuania where the learning process is organized in French: a global language of diplomacy, spoken in five continents. The entire French education is accessible in Vilnius, from kindergarten to high school, with focus on linguistic diversity.

LIFV promotes humanistic values ​​and educates citizens of the world of tomorrow: intellectuals and polyglots open to dialogue, capable to discuss and think critically.


– the largest and oldest international school in Vilnius, more than 28 years of experience

– The entire French education system in Vilnius: preschool (kindergarten-maternelle), primary school, middle school (collège) and high school (lycée)

– the learning process is organized in French following the French national education curriculum

– The LIFV is part of a unique international network of schools in the world: AEFE, which unites 527 institutions, 300,000 students, 137 countries around the world. This is the guarantee of the quality of French education abroad and it allows the students to follow the French curriculum in any of the schools of the AEFE network

– The quality of education is ensured by professionals appointed by the French Ministry of Education

– Qualified team of teachers


– Enhanced language teaching: graduates speak 5 languages and receive world-renowned certificates

– English is taught optionally from 3-year-old, mandatory from 5 years old

– In addition to French and English, children learn German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Lithuanian

– The LIFV employs qualified teachers, most of them from France, who teach in their mother tongue

– We are open to Lithuanian culture: Lithuanian children learn Lithuanian according to the program approved by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, other students – as a foreign language

– Graduates take the final Baccalauréat exams of the French education system. They are also prepared for the Lithuanian Maturity exams and can study in Lithuanian higher education institutions if they wish.

Baccalauréat diploma, recognized worldwide, paves the way for students to the most prestigious universities in France and abroad.


– Caring environment for children and families

– Special transition classes (classes passerelles) and personal programs for those entering primary, primary or secondary school without the basics of French language

– personalized assistance is provided according to a personal plan for each student in difficulty according to need (learning difficulties, health problems, special needs, or disability)

– after-school group supervision until 6 pm, a large selection of after-school activities, leisure center during school holidays

– special attention to career guidance and individual support for each student

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