Knowledge and Culture Centre (C.C.C.)

The Knowledge and Culture Centre (Centre de Connaissances et de Culture – C.C.C.) is dedicated to reading, documentary research and the future planning for middle and high school students. It is open to middle and high school students as well as teachers. Middle school and high school students come here regularly to read a book, do research or homework. Students enjoy spending time reading a comic book, discovering new books or immersing themselves in various documentaries.

Familiarizing students with the French language through speaking and writing is our essential mission. C.C.C. documents can be borrowed by students and teachers.


Opening hours:

The C.C.C. is open from Monday to Friday from 7:50 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Access to the portal of the C.C.C. (Hibouthèque)

The portal of the C.C.C. gives access to the catalogue listing all the documents: documentary books and fictions, DVDs, articles from magazines and newspapers.

The portal is accessible via  from any location including from home.

To access the portal, you need a password that we give for each student from the CP class and for each teacher. On this site, you have access to our entire library. You can see available books, your borrowed books and also do thematic research.

Hiboutheque.fr will allow us to make our library an interactive place, a place of discovery, learning and wonder.

Our team

Bart Pauwels: teacher-documentalist (C.C.C. at Subaciaus str. campus and BCDI at Silo str. campus)

Nicolas Belin : assistant-documentalist (C.C.C atSubaciaus str. campus)


Professional orientation

The resource teacher in charge of professional orientation and the teacher-documentalist are ready to provide students with information on higher education studies:

– General information: Bart Pauwels

– Higher studies in France: Benoît Frachon

Our collections

– dictionaries and encyclopedias in French, Lithuanian, English and Spanish

– Fiction and documentaries in French, Lithuanian and English

– Magazines

– Publications on secondary and higher education in France and Lithuania.

C.C.C. The Knowledge and Culture Centre gives priority to students in the Lyceum classes.

In the C.C.C., we organize activities related to reading and French culture. Twice a week, a literary café is organized for college students. Students like it because they feel welcome here. Our mission is to make the C.C.C. a place of creativity, discovery and learning.

Thank you all for helping us make it thrive!