My child is a non-French speaker

The French Lyceum of Vilnius can make arrangements for non-French speaking pupils, regardless of their age. The aim is to enable all non-French speaking pupils to learn French and master the main language functions: written and oral comprehension / written and oral expression. This training must enable these children to quickly follow the programmes of the French school system applied at the lyceum.

Pedagogical functioning:

  • All pupils participating in the programme are enrolled in an ordinary class corresponding to their level or age. The teacher of the reference class works in coordination with the teacher of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and of French as a Language of Schooling (FLESCO).
  • A FLESCO teacher works with said-pupils in an adapted classroom according to a precise schedule, several times a week, while still belonging to their same age group.
  • Acquisition of the French language is initially carried out by means of a French as a Language of Schooling (FLESCO) method, in order to provide children with the means to understand and express themselves in common and familiar communication situations. These situations give children lexical knowledge and basic grammatical structures to build up a more extensive knowledge of the language. The share of oral language is predominant among all pupils in the first trimester, however, written language practice is introduced immediately for the oldest ones (from 9/10 years old).