My child is a non-French speaker

International French Lyceum of Vilnius: now open for everyone!

Children of 2-5 years old (maternelle nursesy school)

LIFV welcomes pupils from 2 to 5 years old without distinction of nationality or language in French maternelle nursery school. Being in a French-speaking environment every day, children learn this language without extra effort, by playing and communicating. It is a method of immersion: children are “immersed” in the world of a foreign language, they develop language skills naturally and without stress. In each class the staff consists of a teacher who speaks French and a Lithuanian assistant who can explain and reassure the child in his mother tongue if French is not yet fluent. Gradually, the translation of the Lithuanian assistant is less and less necessary, because the children understand French quickly.

6-16 years old: developmental classes for non-French speakers

Since 2020, LIFV is open for everyone. We invite non-French speaking students under the age of 17 to study at LIFV and obtain the French Baccalaureate diploma.

Our developmental classes (classes passerelles) students share their experience

As Paula, our brilliant student of 1ere, who joined our community last year, says – if you’re motivated, everything is possible! Don’t hesitate to watch our short video!

“My child is old enough to enter primary school, middle school or high school but he/she does not speak French: why is it good to have him/her join the LIFV”?

Developmental classes

  • Enrollment of the student in his/her reference class
  • In the morning or in the afternoon: grouping of students in a developmental class, by cycle, for French as foreign language courses, work on the elementts of language in mathematics and in French
  • Afternoon or morning: return to the reference class
  • Contract between the school and student, with a French as a Foreign Language Personalized Project of Educational Success
  • Between the first and the second year (new arrival and new arrival +1 year), reduction in the number of hours in developmental class
  • 4 developmental classes:
    • CPass Cycle 2
    • CPass Cycle 3
    • CPass Cycle 4
    • CPass Lycée (3ème / 2nde)


  • Linguistic assessment with the family
    Assessment of the level of French
  • Commitment of the family to enroll in private lessons outside of school hours (cycle4 and High School)
  • Proposal for summer camps in France or extra-curricular activities in French
  • No students with academic difficulties: satisfactory academic record
  • Signature of a French as a Foreign Language Personalized Project of Educational Success