Why choose the French International Lyceum of Vilnius:



  • Our courses are in line with the requirements of French National Education programmes. LIFV carries universal values ​​- tolerance, humanism, equality of opportunity, intellectual curiosity, promotion of critical thinking… – and makes it possible to attend school without break, from preschool until pupils obtain a Baccalauréat diploma. The school offers a particularly enriching training thanks to its affiliation in a dynamic, attractive, and open international network.
  • A place for exchanges and linguistic and cultural encounters, a vehicle for sharing experience based on strong values. LIFV educates young people from all walks of life. A pilot course on languages ​​enables the integration of national pupils through a specific teaching of French, teaching the language of the host country to all pupils as well as promoting the practice of English in an international context.
  • A place of anchorage in the local culture: partnership with the Lithuanian Ministry ensuring that Lithuanian language is taught from the primary to the Brandos. In addition, the history-geography and art history programme is adapted to Lithuania and integrated into the French programmes, which is an undeniable asset.
  • A place of excellence for pupils where the success of all of them represents a clear ambition in every institution of the network, which can obtain an exceptional examination passing rate for Brevet and Baccalauréat examinations (95% on average). Most of the Baccalauréat graduates then go on to the Grandes écoles and the best international universities.
  • A place of excellence in language certification for pupils (Cambridge in English under the guidance of the British Council, DELF at the French Institute, Cervantes Institute in Spanish, Lithuanian Brandos).
  • A place of excellence for quality teachers, like the school: multicultural with 8 nationalities represented (French, Lithuanian, American, Canadian, Ecuadorian, Italian, Belgian and Russian), where only native speakers teach the languages – a real policy to the LIFV.
  • A place of excellence in teacher training, since the French educational model has a good reputation especially in the pedagogical approach, considered more innovative (objective pedagogy with project). Teaching in preschool classes is interesting to local educators with an institutional request from the Lithuanian Ministry, in order to train teachers with our approach to learning to read and write.
  • A place of cultural excellence connected to the French Institute (regular use of the media library, participation in all highlights: film, art festivals, exhibitions, Francophonie…).
  • A place of excellence for extracurricular activities from 7:30 am until 6 pm and during the holidays (leisure time centre) where our children can participate in sports activities (collective sports, badminton, athletics, aikido, karate), artistic or educational activities supervised by a true team of activity leaders.
  • A friendly place where parents are welcome… they manage the school through a Management Committee elected by all parents, can attend French or cooking courses and meet teachers (open classrooms, regular meetings, Christmas show, festivals and various school outings).