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Charter of the school’s Facebook page

LIFV’s Facebook page is a space to exchange ideas and opinions in the spirit of open-mindedness and mutual respect. The purpose of this page is to inform, discuss, give advice and exchange.

Administrators of LIFV’s Facebook page therefore reserve the right to delete:

  • Messages whose content is racist, xenophobic, revisionist, negationist;
  • Messages whose content is hateful, defamatory, aggressive, or shocking, and which attack or devalue a group based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation/identity;
  • Messages inciting racial hatred, calls for violence or murder;
  • Messages whose content is pornographic or obscene;
  • Personal insults between participants;
  • Messages infringing the privacy of other participants or third parties or the disclosure of other members’ personal information;
  • Advertising and commercial messages, press releases from political organisations;
  • Messages aiming to discredit other comments and publications for non-constructive purposes;

Messages that are off-topic or incomprehensible.