What you need to know about electronic cigarettes

Problem The prevalence of e-cigarette use among Lithuanian school children and students is growing rapidly and is already surpassing the smoking of conventional cigarettes. In 2019 according to the conducted ESPAD study, 65% of 15-16 years of students in Lithuania tried to smoke e-cigarettes at least once in their life, while 54% smoked regular cigarettes. […]

Why don‘t children eat lunch?

One of the most common problems is that children do not eat lunch or it is almost impossible to offer them vegetables. The main reason is that children eat foods with a lot of sugar: sweet cottage cheese, yogurts, muffins, buns or other sweets. We also see these products in children‘s snack boxes. They get […]

Eye Yoga and Exercices for Kids

Ms Maja Mandzikasvili, Public Health Specialist For a child’s eyes, something as simple as a trip to the park becomes the perfect visual workout.  Unfortunately, due to less time outdoors and a strong focus on technology (learning tools like tablets and computers), the majority of preschool and elementary school children are no longer getting the […]

Screen-Free Activities for kids and parents

Dear parents, As you know, this school year we decided to dedicate health-related activities to eye hygiene and mobile device usage. There is no doubt that mobile devices help us to study, entertain ourselves. But there is a necessity to limit the screen time and find some activities that would help to switch off your […]

Support plans for pupils with special needs

All children may experience temporary, recurrent or permanent difficulties during their schooling. They may also find themselves in a situation of disability. In accordance with French laws, the school must be able to accommodate all students and adapt to their particular needs: “All children share the capacity to learn and progress”. Like all the other […]

Prevention of Pediculosis 

Dear parents, Lice like clean children’s hair and settle in comfortably and very quickly. Lice bites can cause wounds on the forehead and scalp, which are called pediculosis. Signs of pediculosis : Presence of lice (tiny black insect) or nits (grey/white lice eggs), on the scalp and/or hair roots; Redness with slight bleeding of the […]