School food at the LIFV

The French International Lyceum of Vilnius offers school food service to pupils every day of the year, including school holidays (leisure centre). Menus are developed by dieticians and validated by the veterinary services of the city of Vilnius.

The canteen service (into effect starting from September the first of 2017)

Registrations : 

There are only two options : 

– the child eats every day of the week

– the child doesn’t eat and brings his own meal every day of the week.

The registrations are on a quarterly basis and can’t be modified during this quarter.

Charges apply to the children who bring their own meals. The rate correspond to the supervision of the children during lunch time. It is 15,60 euros per trimester or 46,80 euros per year.

Cancellations : 
For the days of absence, parents will be reimbursed as early as the first day of absence upon presentation of a medical certificate.

This medical certificate must be presented to the administration (Silo 13 or Antakalnio 54). Only original documents are accepted.

Billing : 

Payments for the canteen services are settled not later than the 15th of every month for the current month. Payment for the month of September is made at the beginning of September.

In the event of a cancellation proved by medical certificate, the amount to be repaid is postponed to the next following month in order to cover a part of the payment.



Lunch time:

Building on Silo 13: Preschool classes: 11:30 am CP: 12:00 pm CE1 / CE2: 12:30 pm Building on Antalkanis 54: CM1 / CM2: 12:00 pm Middle school and high school: 12:30 pm

Afternoon snack time:

Preschool class “Grande Section”: 2:45 pm TPS / PS / MS / CP / CE1 / CE2: 3:00 pm

Price (2017-2018):

Lunch – 3.49 Euros / day Snack – 0.89 Euros  / day


Week 1: 15-19 January, 5-9 February, 26 February – 2 March

Week 2: 22-26 January, 12-16 February, 5-9 March

Week 3: 8-12 January, 29 January – 2 February, 19-23 February



8 January – 9 March