LIFV’s extracurricular pole is: 

  • The continuity of the pedagogical project: we seek to develop our pupils’ creativity and well-being. The aim is to offer the best conditions for success and their completion. Extra-curricular activities must take a playful form – without any addition of work after a day of class.


  • Pupils’ safety: this is the central issue before implementing each activity. We ensure scrupulous compliance with safety and health standards.


  • A goal: which must be established from the beginning. For example, it is a concert, a performance or the writing of a small work. Through their creations, children must be valued, heard, listened to and understood, but they also learn to carry out a project in the long run.


  • A greater openness: our school wants to open its door to parents and invite them to get involved in extracurricular activities life; we offer French language courses in the evening.

I am open to any suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail: or come visit me at school.

Guilvic Le Daré

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