Practical information

Information booklet

In the morning, classrooms are open from 7:30. Every child must be accompanied by an adult into his or her classroom. Do not wait until the last moment to accompany your child – this way, he or she will be able to participate in the welcome activities. Remember to let them go to the bathroom before.

On Wednesdays, children may leave at 11:30 am if they do not eat at the canteen. Children are accepted in class until 3 pm.

Preschoolers in their first year have to be accompanied by an adult to the dormitory to take a nap from 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm, after using the bathroom.

They may leave at 3pm after class is dismissed, at 3:30 pm after a snack or before 6 pm.


  • It is in French and includes 25 hours/week. In Grande Section (5 years old) one hour is spent learning in English and one hour in Lithuanian.


  • Enroling a child in preschool involves their family’s commitment to regular attendance for the development of the child’s personality in the perspective of a good schooling in primary school. It is essential.
  • Half-days of adaptation are planned at the end of June for future pupils.
  • A parent-teacher meeting will take place at the beginning of the new school year.
  • In preschool, we learn to become independent: give practical clothes to your children (no dungarees, suspenders, belts, lace-up shoes…). Remember to write a name on all your belongings and plan spare clothes in a small backpack for the youngest (left in a locker).


In the primary school cycle organisation, preschool covers cycle 1 (primary education cycle). Children gradually enter from CP only (6 – 7 years old) into cycle 2 (basic learning cycle).