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LIFV middle school and high school

At the secondary level, “collège” classes (middle school), from the “6ème” (11-12 years) to the “3ème” (14-15 years) classes, are approved and include live teaching, such as those in primary education. They work exactly like middle school classes in France. From “2nde” (15-16 years) to “Terminale” (“Final year”, 17-18 years), pupils are enroled in CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance The National Centre for Distance Education), a public institution of the French Ministry of Education, but instruction is provided as courses.

In “lycée” (high school), pupils can attend the general course of their choice from “première” class (16-17 years). Namely, ES (economic and social sciences), L (literature), or S (scientific).

The weekly rhythm of the courses is like the one in French high schools. The school therefore proposes, while backing the education provided remotely by the CNED, a genuine school supervision to its pupils.

There is a qualified teacher for each subject. Among them, some are civil servants from the French national education, some are graduates from French universities (doctorate’s, master’s, bachelor’s degree), and Lithuanian or foreign universities (doctor, computer engineer, professor). This diversity in the teaching body, combined with ongoing training and internal training, ensures quality teaching.

Le collège (Middle school)

The training is based on a set of disciplines forming the Common foundation of knowledge and skills, whose first two levels are acquired in primary school and the third level is validated at the end of “3ème” class (14-15 years). During their last year, pupils do an “observation training in a professional environment” (short term internship) and get prepared for the National Diploma “Brevet”.

The training is divided in two cycles:

  • cycle 3, consolidation cycle, in CM1 and CM2 (primary) and 6eme in middle school
  • cycle 4, deepening cycle, in 5eme, 4eme and 3eme classes, in middle school

Learning objectives, schedules and teaching programmes are set for each cycle.

Le lycée (High school)

Pupils receive CNED courses and publications. However, the system set up at LIFV is mixed: based on the CNED and on live teaching in all subjects, assured by high quality assistant teachers.

Most homework is sent electronically to France. For high school pupils, the school secretariat takes care of the CNED registration, as well as sending and receiving corrected homework.

If the family requests it, we can also order the textbooks required by the CNED (subject to payment).

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