Gilles Dervieux
Head of the French International Lyceum of Vilnius

Welcome to our website,

It is an honour for me to run the oldest international school of Vilnius and I really enjoy working with our pupils and our staff!

As the headmaster of the French school of Vilnius since September 2013, I assure you of my determination and dedication to carry out this mission.

You want your child to be ready to face the complex challenges of the modern world and thus, to play an active role in building the world of tomorrow: 80 employees assist me in this mission to more than 400 pupils aged 2 to 18 years old.

To respond to your concerns, choose the specificity of the French model at the International French Lyceum of Vilnius! You shall discover:

– the attractiveness of the French model (openness, higher requirements, quality education) and its founding values (French secularism “laïcité”, democracy)

– the attractiveness of Francophonie and French-speaking culture

– a genuine language policy (Lithuanian, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian) in which French is not limited to a mere language of communication and instruction – but a language that highlights the need of an interdisciplinary and intercultural work: one learns in French and not solely French!

– recognized international certifications (French baccalauréat, Cambridge diplomas)

– the attractiveness of career opportunities, the continuation of studies made possible in Europe or North America and the consequent socio-professional integration. Teaching pupils abroad is also a way of giving them the desire and means of mobility (a necessity in today’s world and economic sphere): open-mindedness in the context of globalisation.

A successful schooling at the French International Lyceum of Vilnius is the challenge we, pupils, parents, and staff, must face together.

Please feel free after this virtual tour to visit us and talk about our school, which may, perhaps, soon become yours and your children’s.

I therefore invite you to push open the door and step into our school!

Gilles Dervieux

The staff from the building in Silo 13:

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The staff from the building in Antakalnio 54:

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