LIFV management

The management committee:

The French International Lyceum of Vilnius is a non-profit, private school managed by the parents.

Administrative, accounting management and control are based on parents’ voluntary involvement in the parents’ association (statutes of the association).

When enrolling their children, parents become full members of this association and commit themselves to:

– take part in general meetings;

– help and make commitments to the association’s office;

– lend their support and contribute within their capabilities to the proper functioning of the school.

Partially renewed each year, the association’s office holders ensure the administrative and financial management of the school. Elected members are parents.

Association’s holders meet on a regular basis within the Management committee (consisting of the association’s holders, the Cultural Advisor of the Embassy, the headmaster and the director of administration and finance), and deliberate on issues concerning the life of the institution and vote on the budget.

Meeting minutes (in French and Lithuanian):
PV No. 47 (13.12.2016)
PV No. 48 (25.01.2017)
PV No. 49 (20.03.2017)
PV No. 50 (24.05.2017)
PV No. 51 (26.06.2017)
PV No. 52 (04.10.2017)
PV No. 53 (09.11.2017)
PV No. 54 (07.12.2017)
PV No. 55 (24.01.2018)
PV No. 56 (13.02.2018)
PV No. 57 (14.03.2018)
PV No. 58 (02.05.2018)
PV No. 59 (11.06.2018)
PV No 60 (12.09.2018)

PV No. 64 (22.01.2019)

PV No. 66 (15.03.2019)

PV No.67 (15.05.2019)

PV No. 68 (15.05.2019)

PV No. 69 (10 06 2019)

PV No. 70 (30 08 2019)

For additional information, you can request to consult the minutes by contacting the Administration ( who will prepare the document for consultation in 5 working days.

Minutes of the General assembly of 28 11 2017: PV AG 28.11.2017_FR


There are 7 association’s holders:

President : Mr Thierry Lauvray
Vice-President : Mrs Vaidutė Stundžaitė-Bružienė
Treasurer: Mr Thierry Jouve
Secretary: Mrs Tatjana Birilo-Nguyen

You can contact the management committee’s members by e-mail: