CP and CE1 celebrated the 100th day of class

On Wednesday, February 13th, students from CP and CE1 celebrated the 100th day of class. They exhibited the collections of 100 objects, took up the challenges and even formed the number 100 in the yard! The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=bY_J6vc50pc

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Paris Peace Conference at LIFV

On Friday, the 18th of January, hundred years to the day after the opening of the Paris Peace Conference, the students of LIFV replayed this exceptional event in diplomatic history, with the support of the First World War Centennial Mission.

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LIFV Sweaters

We present you the  sweaters of the LIFV brand! The sizes are suitable for all members of the LIFV community – from the little ones to adults. Choose your sweater of red or dark blue colour,  with our logo embroidered in white. You can see the sweater at the entrance of Šilo str. building. They […]

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